Monday, September 28, 2009

The "Life of the Party?" FOR HIRE!

No one can be the life of YOUR party BUT "humor" must be a part of YOUR Life. Find it, Use it and Share your humor with others!

Since people will pay more attention to what comes out of a dummies mouth than a real persons mouth, I use my friendly dummies to help me deliver Healthy and Humorous Programs, that will not only help people get well but can help keep people well. After all "Laughter is the BEST medicine".

Being a Nurse (RN) humorist, ventriloquist, barbershopper, and nationally known speaker, I have been invited to perform a simple TREATment that always leaves the participant better off than they were!

Some of my favorite programs are:
Health & Humor 101 (not for dummies), Humor: the TREATment of Choice, Building Team Harmony, Health & Humor through Harmony, Humor in the Workplace, and Putting the SING in NurSING.

DO YOU KNOW OF A GROUP or an ORGANIZATION THAT COULD USE MY SERVICES? Please contact me, Charlie or Gladys. Remember, you get three (3) dummies for the price of one.
(We pride ourselves for working within peoples budgets)

**Please NOTE: If you do not already receive our weekly, healthy, CLEAN, free joke - to remind you to laugh and to share a laugh with others - let us know to add you to our "Humor Me!" list - You will also see & hear Me & Charlie &/or Gladys sing a healthy song! (you may cancel at anytime). Email me at: or at

We post Health Tips & Songs with a Healthy message - Please keep your appointment with us, for the "Health of it!"

We hope that our paths will cross SOOOooooooN!


Larry, Charlie, Gladys & JACK (of all Trades & Personalities)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008